Simple Tips For Best Wedding Photographs

Your wedding day is one of the most important events of your life. While you’ll remember it forever even without pictures, a great wedding photograph can bring you back to that special day over and over again. A great photo, in my opinion, will have a solid composition, lighting, and most importantly, it will evoke feelings. I’ve had several couples ask me what they can do in order to ensure their wedding photos are perfect? Well, it’s very hard not to have a beautiful wedding photo during a day surrounded by happiness and love, but there are certain tips and tricks that every couple should know to make their wedding photos great, so they can look back at them later and remember every detail of that particular moment.

1. Be Present

Think about your favourite childhood photo or that old photo you cherish from your parents’ childhood – is it the best picture in the world? For you, it probably is. Why? Well, it’s likely not because of the excellent lighting or the way the photo is composed. Realistically, it probably has a lot more to do with candid, honest emotion.

Your wedding day is supposed to be about love and happiness, so don’t let the idea of having your pictures taken stress you out, or feel as though you have to be perfectly posed in every photo. Instead, you’ll find that the best photos end up being the ones where you and your partner are only paying attention to each other – talking, laughing, and simply being in the moment. You may even forget you’re getting your pictures taken for a little while, and that’s great!

2. See The Light

It’s your photographer’s job to find the best lighting for your photos as far as the direction of the light, the color, and the quality. But, there are a few things you can do to make sure the light will be on your side.

● During sunset, the light turns a warmer orange-red colour, which is perfect for portraits. Even if it’s time to eat, try to sneak away for fifteen minutes to get some air and capture unique portraits, like this lovely photo from Shannie & Steve’s wedding. It may look like they’re running away, but we made it back in time for the main course, and got some beautiful pictures out of this natural sunset lighting!

● Have whoever is doing your makeup seat you facing a window. This will allow natural daylight to come in (like in this photo of Halit), and will compliment your skin.

● Don’t be afraid of direct sunlight! People tend to believe that overcast days make the best photos. While this is true in some situations, direct sunlight can work wonders when used correctly, as evident in these pictures that were taken in a parking lot.


3. Tell Your Love Story

Engagement photos are a great way to get comfortable with your photographer before your actual wedding day. They also let you reveal a bit more personality about yourselves as individuals, and as a couple, in a different environment. You can wear what you want and be as candid as you want. Plus, by the time your wedding rolls around, you’ll be more comfortable and natural in front of the camera, which will make your pictures look better than ever. You’ll undoubtedly enjoy having both engagement photos and wedding photos to look back on for years to come.

4. Go On An Adventure (Engagement Photos)

Adventures can happen everywhere if you know the right places to look (such as this photo, taken in Toronto). Sometimes, however, embarking on a bigger adventure is on your agenda, and we can make that happen! Trying out different locations, exploring new places, and not being afraid to be unique and different with your photos can make for memorable experiences you’ll be proud to show off. Plus, going somewhere new together as a couple is a great way to capture a lot of those real, present moments together without worrying about poses.

5. Let The Photographer Do Their Job

Finding a photographer can be an overwhelming task to begin with since there are so many available nowadays. Chances are, you did research, read reviews, asked around for recommendations, etc. So after all that work, and of course, paying your hard-earned money for a professional, let them be just that. A good photographer knows exactly what they’re doing, and while they’ll usually be happy to take your input on what it is you want, they will already have an eye for making things look the best they possibly can, so it’s important to trust their judgment and experience.

6. Ask Your Photographer About Time

Wedding schedules can be fairly strict, especially if you’re working with a venue that has time constraints. Your photographer will likely be happy to work with you on when the best time is to take portraits. If you have a late afternoon/evening wedding, sunset photos are always beautiful, but no matter the time of day, be sure to talk with your photographer about when the best time is for photos, and how long the portrait session will take.

7. Simplicity Will Always Win

It’s understandable that you want the best possible backdrop for your wedding portraits, but wedding days are always beautiful, no matter where they are. Let your photographer scout out a few places, and do the work. Your part is just being in the moment. It will reflect in your photos, and when you look back on them, the last thing you’ll remember is the location. Instead, you’ll remember how truly joyful you were at that very moment.

8. Just The Two Of You

Bridal party photos are wonderful, and an excellent way to have your friends and family solidified even more in your big, special day. However, they shouldn’t take up the entirety of your portrait time. It’s wonderful to share your day with the people closest to you, but be sure to leave at least one hour for the two of you alone when it comes to photos. That way, you won’t feel rushed, you’ll be able to act natural, and you’ll have time to be yourselves instead of worrying about members of your bridal party. Trust me, you’ll thank me later for this!


9. Always Include Your Photographer

While your photographer isn’t technically a wedding guest, it’s not a bad idea to treat them like one – at least, for the most part. If they are seated in the same room as your guests during dinner, dancing, speeches, or other areas of the reception, they’ll be able to capture every moment, from the most candid to the most memorable. Don’t seat your photographer in a separate room entirely. He will either not eat the chicken on his plate, or he’ll miss important moments from your day. Again, you did your research and spent the money – make sure you’re getting the most out of your photographer by having them around throughout the day as much as possible!

10. Your Love Is Totally Unique – Your Wedding Photos Should Be, Too

You may have seen other wedding photos you admire, whether it’s a certain ‘look’ or pose, or even a particular style, but as a photographer, my job is to capture the true essence of your wedding day. My wish is that when you look at your photos ten or twenty years from now, you’ll be able to smile and say: “This is us.” It’s important to me to spend time with the couples I photograph for this very reason, to get to know their personalities. This photo is a perfect example of that – Jen told me how much the two of them loved this bar, so it only seemed natural to get a photo there. It is totally unique to them, and they’ll remember it forever. Be yourself, enjoy your day with your loved one. This is what weddings are all about, right?



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