Evergreen Brick Works Engagement Photos

Evergreen Brick Works is a perfect place for engagement photos. There are many little trails, ponds, and greenery areas just minutes away from Downtown Toronto. It also has one of the most beautiful lookouts of the city. While it can be a perfect location for a summer shoot, in the winter, it can be quite challenging. I was happy that Katie and Micah were easygoing, and I love that they suggested that I take some photos after the shoot on their dinner date. When I asked Katie and Micah to describe their relationship, this was their answer: “We are a team. We complement and complete each other and have grown into best friends. We love to laugh, mostly at our silly jokes that would make everyone else roll their eyes. The other thing we like to do is eat! Whether it’s cooking at home, meeting up with friends for dinner, or a date night at a restaurant, we are passionate about food.”

Katie and Micah met in 2008 while both were completing their undergrads at Western University but were just acquaintances. After finishing school, they both moved back to their shared hometown of Mississauga. Over several months in 2013, they kept running into each other until Micah finally asked Katie out on a date, and the rest is history!

They got engaged in January 2016, in Quebec City. Micah had the whole weekend planned as a surprise. All he told Katie about the weekend was that they were going away, and it was somewhere cold, so she would need to pack appropriately. When they arrived in Quebec, Micah took her to the beautiful Chateau Frontenac, where they stayed for the next few days. He suggested that they get dressed up, go for lunch at a nearby restaurant, and then walk around the area. Lunch went by more quickly than planned, so during the walk, he was extra fidgety, checking his watch every two minutes and taking her on loops around Old Quebec. Little did she know that he’d had a coordinator from the hotel set up a romantic surprise for her! When the timing was right, Micah brought Katie up the stairs and over the Plains of Abraham to an area filled with flowers and candles. He got down on one knee and asked Katie to marry him. Katie told me later that not only did Micah make her the happiest girl ever but he also arranged a local photographer to capture this beautiful moment, which is something she will cherish forever.




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