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Downtown Love Story

Shlomi is a good friend and a fellow photographer Few weeks before Devon and Shlomi become parents, we headed downtown to do what we love the most – Take some photos! For me, the best plan for a photoshoot is to have no plan. We spent the morning exploring the city and shooting – this […]


Sunrise Engagement Photos

Sarah and Anne met one cold winter’s evening in Montreal and have been together nearly every day since. On the night they met, Anne was sick with a nasty flu. Sarah, a germophobe, knew it was love at first sight because she didn’t want the date to end despite Anne’s coughing, sneezing, and significantly high fever. […]


Webster’s Falls Engagement Photos

When I got an email from Bo saying: “We want to know how you feel about Dundas Peak and Webster’s Falls in Hamilton for our Engagement shoot?”  I smiled. I always tell the couples I shoot: Engagement shoot for me  = “Let’s go for an adventure and do all those things you won’t do while […]


Humber Bay Park Toronto Engagement Photos

Cristina and Sammy are the kind of couple who would say yes to any adventure. Most couples would cancel a photo shoot if it might rain. Luckily for me they are not most couples. When the rain started we didn’t stop shooting and when it got stronger we’ve found ourselves standing under a tree, waiting […]

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